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Working with Kingsway Care provides the opportunity to be part of a dedicated and friendly team of people who are passionate about making a difference in the community. Whether you’re working directly with people in need at one of our homelessness projects or in a vital support role, as a Kingsway Care employee you will have the opportunity to grow, be challenged, and make a difference in many lives. Read more

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How we help

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Our Impact

Through the projects and partnerships of Kingsway Care thousands of lives are being impacted each year. Our work in supporting survivors of domestic violence, mentoring children and youth, and meeting practical needs is restoring lives, families, and communities. Read more

Our Team

Behind all of Kingsway Care's projects, administration and governance is a team who are deeply committed to the vision and mission of Kingsway Care. We're so glad to meet you! Read more


Life is village activity, so to some degree, we’re all in this together. We all share some of the burden. A minority of special people, however, carry more weight than others. These champions help with finances, expertise, goods or services, enabling us to journey with people through life’s more robust chapters. Read more

Personal Development Programs

The whole of a person matters. Through all of our projects our intention is to empower people to grow in a holistic way and to take ownership for their lives and decisions. We care about people's mental health, spiritual health, physical health, relational health, and their capacity to create for themselves a hope-filled future. Read more