"My name is Jessica. For weeks, as I studied for my Year 11 exams, I watched my mum secretly pack our belongings into boxes to escape my violent dad. Mum would gradually sneak boxes into her car and move our stuff into a nearby storage shed while we waited for a safe moment to run. Dad thought we were all moving house, little did he know that mum was leaving empty boxes taped up all over the house as to not blow our cover. Weeks later, when it felt safe and we were ready to go, mum called Platform Nine. We were able to get accommodation straight away and life has never been the same. Dad is somewhere else now, which is hard to think about at times, but mum and I, we're safe. Platform Nine gave us the care and support we needed in a scary and uncertain time. Mum is back at work now, and I'm still studying for my exams. Life's not perfect, but we're safe and that's all this young girl and her mum could ask for."

Although Jessica is not her real name, this is a real story. Shockingly, this is a reality that many women and children are living each day. With your assistance we can provide crisis accommodation and the appropriate care and support needed for people like Jessica and her mum. Here's the impact you can have:

$20 can provide a care package for new residents.

$27 can provide one person with one safe night stay.

$190 can provide a week of safe accommodation

$760 can provide one person with a month of safe nights.

$9,880 can provide one person with a year of safe accommodation.

By making a donation you are making a direct difference in the lives of people who are experiencing the impacts of homelessness, who may have survived domestic violence, or who may have escaped a desperate situation. Your gift will impact children, youth, families and older friends in our community.

Your gift can make a difference. 

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