We are deeply committed to a collaborative approach to community development and social change. We believe that developing strong and diverse partnerships with other community organisations is paramount to the social, physical, mental, and spiritual vitality of the community. We are proud to work alongside state and local government, local councils, churches, local businesses, and other for-purpose organisations who share the vision of helping people in their hour of greatest need. 

Our partners support through financial gifts and grants, donations, hosting fundraising events, giving in-kind donations of goods or services, and through volunteering. We are incredibly thankful for all of the organisations listed here, and some that aren't, who use their heart and hands to see lives changed.

Are You Considering Becoming a Kingsway Care Partner?

Why join us?

For most businesses and organisations, partnering with Kingsway Care may result in:

  1. Improvements to your public image and brand.
  2. Validation that your business is motivated by heart, not just profit. 
  3. Opportunities to boost employee morale and productivity.
  4. Opportunities for staff and families to volunteer.
  5. Visible demonstration of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  6. Leverage when seeking to recruit staff with a responsible and caring nature.
  7. Proof that an organisation is not only driven by ideology or self-interest. 
  8. Exhibition of the Executive Leadership’s heart and humanity.

Your impact

Every $50 you or your organisation contributes can provide:

  • Four nights' of crisis accommodation and support for a man, woman or child in need.
  • Two hours of on-site residential staff support.
  • Four hours of non-staff operations for Jacaranda Cottage.
  • 15 community meals for a disconnected or financially struggling locals.
  • Half a day's attendance at Southern Cross Kids Camp. These week-long camps enable a traumatised child to feel safe, breathe, restore, love and laugh.
  • Half a tank of fuel for one of our service vehicles.

Your Next Step

    If you're considering partnering with us in any way, we'd love to have you on board. 

    I'd like to:

    For all other opportunities to partner with us, or if you have an innovative idea to raise support for Kingsway Care please complete our Partnership Inquiry Form