In Australia, there are over 116,427 people experiencing homelessness and these people are not just rough sleeping on our streets or in our parks. There are families with young children, single mums, teenagers, men, women, and older Australians who sleep in their cars, couch surf, or use other temporary services. Homelessness does not discriminate. 

Here's a snapshot of the current reality.

  • 28,191 are homeless in NSW
  • 56% are male, 44% are female
  • 80% live in short-term refuges, shelters or in overcrowded dwellings, or couch surf
  • 7% sleep rough on streets or in parks
  • 6,202 are aged over 65
  • 17, 845 are children under the age of 10
  • 1 in 39 children under the age of 4 slept in a homeless service in the last year

Homelessness is a complex issue with no single solution. However, Kingsway Care is committed to working collaboratively across the health and housing sectors to provide temporary and crisis accommodation for people who have become homeless due to domestic violence, financial hardship, or family breakdown in the South Eastern Sydney region.

In the South Eastern Sydney region there is 7,500 people experiencing homelessness each night and it's our mission to create a network of support and housing for the most vulnerable in our community. 

Kingsway Care currently operates two housing projects: Platform Nine and Jacaranda Cottage.

Platform Nine

Platform Nine is a community of compassion which exists to provide temporary and crisis accommodation for individuals or families who have survived domestic violence or been impacted by homelessness. Through providing crisis accommodation it is our mission to invite people into a place where they belong and where purpose can again be discovered. Our goal is to provide a platform where people are connected, empowered and where the discovery of a new life is made possible. Read more...

Jacaranda Cottage

Jacaranda Cottage is a refuge for young women aged between 16 and 24 who have become homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. We exist to serve and support girls who have experienced family breakdown, domestic violence, poverty, abuse, or neglect. Our goal is to help young women through their hardship by providing a safe and supportive home that helps them move toward independent living. Our vision is to impart hope, facilitate restoration, and celebrate transformation in the lives of young women. We do this by helping girls work through their hardship, discover their identity and values, and reach their goals. Read More... 

How can you help?

Donate: If you would like to donate to one of our Homelessness Appeals please click here.

Volunteering and employment: If you would like to volunteer or seek employment in our Homelessness projects, head on over to our volunteering or employment pages. 

Fundraise for us: If you would like to host your own fundraiser to support the work of Kingsway Care in housing the homeless, click here