Southern Cross Kids provides a fun, safe and encouraging environment for children at risk. Through the experience of an annual camp and ongoing monthly Kids Club events, young people who have suffered trauma can enjoy friendship and fun in a safe place. 

Safety and fun can feel like a luxury for many kids; yet it’s a childhood right. This is why so many of them absolutely love club - and for many of them, it is something they need in a very real way. We are making a remarkable difference in many young lives. 

Through Kids Club we hope to:

  1. Give traumatised young people a place where they can relax and make friends.
  2. Enable these children to connect with caring adults in a safe and fun environment.
  3. Partner one mentor with one child to journey a 12 month club program.

Monthly Kids Club

Our monthly Kids Club enables attendees to enjoy and sustain the friendships made on the annual South Sydney Southern Cross Kids Camp. Through interaction and laughter, the positive perspectives and skills gained at camp are kept alive.

Annual South Sydney Camp

Southern Cross Kids is a national organisation that works with children in six states across Australia. For more information check out the Southern Cross Kids website.

Kingsway Community Care partners with Southern Cross Kids to deliver the Southern Sydney Camp. These camps run over 5 days, involve a team of up to 60 trained volunteers who care for 30 children. Our involvement with Southern Sydney Camp was established in 2015 and in that time we’ve cared for and encouraged over 120 young people. 

The camps are jam-packed with craft, games, cooking, fun and teaching. We desire to provide a week of safe and happy memories.

You Can Help

Southern Cross kids club relies on the dedication and commitment of a team of volunteers. If you would like to join our team we'd love to hear from you. Please get in contact with our Team Leader, Avril Mundy.

If you'd like to donate to Southern Cross Kids Club please click here.

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