At the end of 2022, Jacaranda Cottage had no option but to close its doors due to funding cuts. This has meant that the only female homelessness youth refuge in the Sutherland Shire is gone. This has created a huge gap for young women in desperate need. Jacaranda Cottage has housed young women for 30 years, and we are not done yet. With your support, Jacaranda Cottage stands a chance at re-opening. Please give generously to help me raise funds for Jacaranda Cottage. Every donation, small or large will make a difference in what happens next for Jacaranda Cottage.

Jacaranda Cottage is a refuge for young women aged between 16 and 24 who have become homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. For 30 years, Jacaranda has existed to serve and support girls who have experienced family breakdown, domestic violence, poverty, abuse, or neglect. In supporting me to fundraise for Jacaranda you will be making a direct difference in the lives of young women at risk of homeless and who are experiencing homelessness.

Please give generously! Hayley Kroschel