I am very passionate about empowering young females and helping them have a good foundation for their life. As a young girl, I had a very low self esteem and I do resonate with their mission statement of impacting hope, facilitate restoration, celebrate transformation in homeless young females. The work that Jacaranda Cottage does is so beautiful. They are based in the shire and has helped so many young females. The work they do inspire me and is very close to my heart.

As I complete another revolution around the sun soon in October, I would like to request no birthday gifts or anything for me but instead if you could please to donate any amount you can to Jacaranda Cottage.

I am starting this fundraiser early and would go till the end of October ( I celebrate my birthday whole of October😆) with the aim of raising awareness and some funds for Jacaranda cottage so that they can continue to do their noble work of serving the community.

#Birthdayfundraiser #octoberbabies #libraseason
Nitisha Shrestha