Public school education is generally considered to be free, but as any parent knows, there are many extra costs that parents are asked to pay so that their child can have the best learning experience.

For families facing hardships, these extra costs can be difficult to meet.

Our Pack to School appeal raises money to supply back packs and school supplies for students in need to begin their school year. Every dollar donated will go directly to purchasing back packs and supplies.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to assist with helping Kingsway Care give students a hand up this year, please donate or create your own fundraiser using the links above.

Each School packs costs $50, how many would you like donate? 

If you'd like to see what your donation can purchase, here a list of our what we need to fill our packs:

420 Coloured Pencils: $82
700 Textas: $173
200 Highlighters: $200
300 Lead Pencils: $197
140 Whiteboard markers: $278
35 Sharpies: $63
105 Red Biro's: $42
195 Blue Biro's: $78
100 Pencil Sharpeners: $198
100 Large Erasers :$68
100 30cm Rulers: $48
100 Scissors: $209
170 Glue Sticks: $202
105 A4 Document Wallets: $156
35 A4 Display Folders: $23
35 Scrapbooks: $105
30 White Out Tapes: $101
120 Exercise Books: $190
30 Calculators: $750
30 Geometry Sets: $165

What would you like to cover with your donation? Let us know in the Notes section of your gift!